Workshop options

To book one of these workshops, or to find out more information, reach out to us by email to: or by phone 058-637-4351.
This one-hour workshop is super family friendly. You'll be making your own focaccias and decorating them with garden-fresh vegetables and homegrown herbs.

Bedazzled Focaccia Workshop

This 90-minute workshop is geared for kids ages 10 and above. You'll be making your own pitot, rolling lentil falafel balls, cutting the perfect Israeli salad and drizzling it all with mouth-watering techina.

From Pita to Falafel Workshop

Israel's answer to the calzone, the sambusak workshop gives you the technique and skills to make the perfect sambusak. You'll be working with dough, filling it with either traditional or Middle-Eastern flavors and baking your sambuak in this 90-minute workshop.

Sambusak Workshop

Sometimes the simplest things are the most delicious. In this 90-minute workshop, you'll be rolling and shaping your dough, loading it up with tomato sauce, cheese and veggies and baking it in our wood-burning brick oven.

Pizza Workshop

In this one-hour workshop, we take you back to old-school "bagels", making the traditional Jerusalem bagel. You'll be working on shaping and spicing the Jerusalem bagel while learning about its history.

Jerusalem Bagel Workshop

This 90-minute workshop gives you a glimpse into the world of fermentation. Together with Dikla, you'll be pickling different vegetables in different brines.

Pickling Workshop

Great for a family get-together or party. This 2-hour event, pits you against your favorite family members and has you creating, cooking and baking the perfect dish.

Masterchef/Chopped Challenge

This workshop can be tailor-made to where you're at in the sourdough learning process. Often marketing as a sourdough clinic, David works with bakers at all stages of baking to understand the science behind making the perfect loaf.

Sourdough Workshop