We are Farmers

We are farmers 

Somewhere in the back of our mind, I think we had this romantic notion of what it would be like to work the land. And we’ve been talking about a field for a long long time. Not in a way that we went out and bought work boots or overalls but in the way that David had gotten a bunch of seeds from someone and he left it on his desk and every once in awhile we’d look at it and think about the possibility of going down that road. 

We feel blessed in that paths that we have chosen have allowed us to be adventurers. And we’ve done some pretty cool things. And this is right up there. Working with David Squire, we picked a small plot of land and are working with him to plant local landrace wheat. 

So today under a great overcast sky, David and David set out to till the land with a rototiller. I set out to make instagram stories and reels while they worked (let’s just all acknowledge where our strengths lie).

David Katz’s job was simple enough: move big rocks out of the way of the rototiller. David Squire’s job was to use the rototiller. In under 120 seconds, the rototiller went over a big rock and broke. So our first lesson learned happened within five minutes of starting: Stay humble. I have a feeling that in the world of agriculture that is a lesson that we’ll encounter time and time again. Not enough rain. Too much rain. How to plant. What to plant. When to plant. 

David and David spent half an hour getting the rototiller up and running again. They tilled the land. We’re waiting for weeds to grow so we can pull those up and then plant our seeds. Stay tuned. Watch us grow. 



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