Guests at the Meshek

Design | Illustration | Animation

Studio Dov Abramson

Studio Dov Abramson is an iconic design studio in Jerusalem. They branded Meshek 48 and have worked with us on most of our major creative projects over the past 20 years. We’re showcasing their mezuzot in the Meshek this summer.


Ruthy Isbusky

Ruthy’s art invites a group collaborative experience. It’s a perfect family project and we’ve commissioned Ruthy to build the perfect art boxes for the Meshek. Part throwback to early Israel and part a celebration of who we are, these boxes have become a favorite at the Meshek.


Tovah Presser

Tovah is a glass and ceramics artist. She has just designed a limited edition Meshek-inspired line of ceramics. It is available for purchase at the Meshek

Visibility Coach & Personal Branding Photographer

Sarah Raanan

Sarah Raanan is a Visibility Coach & Personal Branding Photographer. She work primarily with solo business owners who are feeling overwhelmed by the online space & hesitant to show their faces online. She helps them find the confidence to stand out & be visible, to banish their hang ups, be real & feel confident about showing up online.


Lisa Rich

Lisa made Aliyah from St. Louis to Raanana. She started her business during corona by photographing over 100 families and businesses from afar. Currently, she is a family and boutique event photographer.


Susie Fishbein

Susie Fishbein is a world famous kosher cook and author. Her Kosher by Design cookbook series has sold over 500,000 copies worldwide.

Owner of Prohibition Pickle

Chef Chaim Davids

Chef Chaim Davids has been working in commercial kitchens since the age of sixteen. After a colorful career in restaurants, wineries, breweries, butcheries, and cooking for private events, he is currently the owner of Prohibition Pickle.


Adeena Sussman

Adeena Sussman is the author of Sababa: Fresh, Sunny Flavors from my Israeli Kitchen. It was named a Best Fall cookbook by The New York Times, Bon Appetite, and Food & Wine.