About us

Devorah and David Katz


We’re so happy to be here. David and I met in summer camp in 1992. We got married in 1998 and since then have tried to live an interesting life. Our backyard has hosted all sorts of David’s interests including (but not limited to) a 15 meter ham radio antenna, a matza oven, a 10 ton wood burning brick bread oven, an olive press, a honey extractor and a really disproportionately large number of pool noodles.

We’ve been fortunate to work together and collaborate many times over the years whether it was running informal programming at Camp Moshava, hosting hundreds of neighborhood kids, or starting the artisan bakery Pat BaMelach.

My interests take up a bit less space. I enjoy building communities — whether it is starting a small shul, hosting hundreds of neighborhood kids, or fostering a sense of belonging with our staff and customers. And I also love putting that up all over social media.

We’re so excited that Meshek 48 will allow us both to focus in our passions as we source out interesting people and experiences and host them in our space. Whether you join us for a workshop, follow us on social media or just check in once in awhile, we’re happy to have you with us on our journey.

behind the scenes

meet our team

devorah katz

Currently, Devorah has over 26,000 photos on her iPhone. While a few of them are of her (adorable) children, most are documenting the growth of Meshek48. Devorah loves building communities and spends a bit too much time Instagramming her life.

david katz

In his heyday, David could jump over 9 garbage cans. After achieving such success at a young age, David continued his career as an educator both in and out of the classroom. He was a Rabbi in elementary, Junior High and High Schools in Israel and the States. Among his many accomplishments, David is a licensed amateur radio operator, a seasoned matza baker, a professional sourdough baker and currently is trying his hand at growing wheat in Gush Etzion.

Dikla Magal

Dikla has been working in the food world for the past 22 years. In High School, she juggled a rigorous schedule and worked at Israel’s second Dunkin Donuts. She ran her own pizza shop and has been a chef at restaurants both in and out of Gush Etzion. When she isn’t cooking at the Meshek, she is cooking at home. Ironically, her kids’ favorite foods are pasta or rice… plain pasta or white rice.